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About the Artist

Bold and Honest are a few words that describe my oil and watercolor paintings. I work from a deep Spiritual conviction that is connected to the visual rightness and pure design found in the purity of the technique. I like to paint the regional people of Maine within their working environments and that moment when the figure and their environment meet to become a greater truth. In all of my paintings there is a sense of repetitive movement as the figure and background create a cohesive rhythm that captures the subject at it''s best. For this reason I study a great deal from direct observation and work exclusively from memory in my studio. I utilize the old master technique of cartoon tracing overlay to work my drawings and studies then transfer them onto the page and canvas. My usual progression is that I will do a drawing, than a monochrome watercolor, a full color watercolor, and then oil of the developing image. I use the techniques of the old masters to make my colors brighter and alive. I like to maintain within my work that integrity toward using high quality materials and proven traditional painting processes. I will start by working from direct observation on location and will return exactly to that same place on exactly that same time of day to understand what excites me. I will also take many photographs of a subject in motion to study the repetitive movement. Then I work in the studio exclusively from all the sources of information, working to simplify the image down to its most basic and essential elements of design. Once the image has been purged of unessential details, the photographs, drawings, and on-location studies are put away. I then paint exclusively from memory so that the painting will take on the impact of my original excitement and experience. Once I gain the control of understanding the design and structure and have internalized it, automatically the essentials will comes out as I focus on the excitement of the play of light and shadow on form and the rightness of the rhythm in the painting. The painting can''t be forced into becoming a reflection of your experience&#59; it must be wished and hoped for.

Michael E. Vermette

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College

Disciplines: Media Arts, Visual Arts, Painting, Crafts

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14 Rolling Thunder Drive
Indian Island  ME  04468-1238