164 high street, bath, ME 04530-1614

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About the Artist

Pounded Sand Pottery was started to escape the tyranny of a corporate pottery, that we cannot name for legal reasons, whose main profit base is catering to tourist with blueberries and lupines on banal pottery. Creativity is crushed under the weight of mass production. Lori Morse woke up one morning and had a moment of clarity. She though, "I can make original, meaningful, and in there own way, beautiful items. Maybe I can support myself with my work and not make talentless salespeople rich. Maybe not everyone wants touristy shit." Armed with this dream she has set out on her own. Her many friends, some still suffering under The Corperation, have helped her with the many tasks involved in creating Pounded Sand Pottery. All that is left is your support. Free Lori from The Corporation. Buy art from the artist.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: Adult

Disciplines: Crafts

Contact Information


164 high street
bath  ME  04530-1614