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About the Artist

Madame seeks projects combining her passions for language (French) and teaching. Her message: despite our differences, we can grow, learn to appreciate cultural differences, and be friends with one another. ?It took a few years for my idea to evolve, but I wanted to use my talents in language, music, and social science to share with children the concept of Our World Neighborhood.?

?I truly have never met anyone so totally dedicated to the ideal of teaching and uniting children through the medium of language and music.
You really have to see her in action to appreciate
her! She is not afraid to make herself look silly in front of her audience,be it a classroom or on stage, and the kids eat it up! There is something about her that connects.?

Category: Artist

Disciplines: Music, Media Arts, Multi-Disciplinary

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13 Peavey Avenue
Windham  ME  04062-5260