Robert J. Gibson

445 College Street, Lewiston, ME 04240-5331

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About the Artist

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Artist statement
My work is a constant exploration into form and color. Looking deeply into the nature of things, I am drawn to color and am always intrigued by what happens when light illuminates what I see.
Although my paintings are contemporary in look they rely heavily on a fundamental foundation of drawing. Combining observation with improvisation and intuition, the still life set up is a point of departure in creating a painting that brings colors and forms together in a dynamic format. Many still life paintings owe a debt to my riverscape series from several years back, in which water flows around rocks and boulders. The drapes surrounding the objects of the still life act in a similar dynamic manner.
After seeing some Italian masters paintings on a trip to the Louvre recently I''ve become aware of the importance of deep shadow and its role in contrasting and creating luminous color. In my most recent work I have been exploring this contrast of the depth in shadows with the intensity of brilliant fully lit hues that bounce, reflect, glow and sometimes vibrate in the viewers eye.
I have been studying the many aspects of form, like how one object can have many colors and yet be perceived as one thing, or how an object may appear at first to be other than what it is, disappearing then reappearing when it is re cognized,
My main focus is always on the color, it?s the emotion of it, the music of it, the atmosphere that''s created when things come together just so. I like to think I have complete control of what I''m doing but then I lay one color down next to the other and something unexpected happens, something unpredictable that stimulates a sense of discovery and mystery and I realize this is why I paint.
Robert J. Gibson

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting

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Robert J. Gibson

445 College Street
Lewiston  ME  04240-5331 


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