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About the Artist

Ed Murdock is a self-taught artist who started
painting at the age of 7. Growing up and
exploring the backwoods paths and hidden
places of New Hampshire, Ed grew to love
the beauty of the nature he was surrounded
by. With only a vision in his mind and the
desire in his heart to recreate the beauty he
has seen, Ed has created a masterful
collection of pure Maine and New England
scenery and the life that inhabits it.

Reflected in his artwork, Ed's love and
respect for wildlife has set his work apart.
Not only has his art appeared in shows up
and down the New England coast but Ed's
wildlife art has also ended on the cover of
some very prestigious Maine wildlife
magazines such as: Maine Fish and Wildlife,
Delorme Magazine Maine Fishing Map and
Rivers and Streams. Ed captures his subjects
in the environment he most loves to be a
part of, hunting and fishing in the great outdoors of Maine. His imagination is
springboarded to create the works of beauty on this site.

The art of Ed Murdock is a very personal expression of his life and experiences.
Farms of his youth in Southern New Hampshire or the wood's & streams of his present home in Maine are the subjects of Ed's art. Some of the art work is varied, however most are of wildlife or rural in nature.

Ed is an avid fisherman and hunter who has spent much of his spare time in the pursuit of knowledge of the ways of the woods and its inhabitants who become the subjects of his art. Drawing and painting have always been a part of Ed's life.
His career as a draftsman at Central Maine Power Company created a need for accuracy and detail in his work.

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Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting, Crafts

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