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Movie Making Residencies with Filmmaker Richard Kane
September 2005

Documentary filmmaker Richard Kane is now passing on the lessons he?s learned at National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, and the Networks, to students across Maine. His philosophy is to collaborate with classroom teachers (grades 6-12) and other specialists (technology and art) to create a curriculum-connected rich experience that engages young people in the art of filmmaking and the technology of the computer in the celebration of their community.

As a workshop leader at Castine?s Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) teacher workshop and at last summer?s Maine Arts Commission?s Artist-Teacher Exchange Richard introduced teachers to the use of iMovie, the Apple Computer movie-making software. But understanding the software is but one step in the development of a student?s skills and knowledge in the creation of visual stories. In his new residency, ?Making Movies in the Digital Age?, Richard teaches students about the tools of video: camera, sound, lighting, and editing. But as importantly, students learn research and interview techniques, how to work as a team, pitch an idea to raise funds, and how to handle one?s self in negotiating and gaining access to locations and people. These are life-long skills that engage students physically and intellectually giving them the self-esteem they need to navigate through the world.

With resources from local community organizations such as historic societies and science-based institutes, students will be able to create their own documentaries about the ecology, biology, Maritime Indians, the textile, shoe, potato, or lobster industries, ice harvesting, and Maine?s historical figures. Combined with interviews they will conduct, students will write their own stories. In this process, they will learn that history is not simply a list of facts, but the interpretation of events; that science demands research and the integration of knowledge. While creating their own video interpretations, they will find that their opinions truly matter. This empowering process enhances student participation and performance.

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