Dan Grady

1 Cutts Lane, Eliot,, ME 03903-2005

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About the Artist

Marvelous Marionette Medley is a much acclaimed and sought after, fast-paced, stringed puppet production. The show is comprised of routines that tantalize, captivate, enchant and delight all those who attend.
Expertly crafted music and songs inspire dance and creative movement that is expressed by the well articulated string puppets. All of the marionettes have body components and brilliantly designed costumes that were painted, sculpted, or carved and/or stitched by the creative and skillful hands of the master puppeteer and puppet creator, Dan Grady.
A sampling of the broad range of exquisite acts/vignettes, as performed by this wonderful cast of marionettes, include tightrope and trapeze artistry as performed by the Eadarg Bros., to the Country Western strumming and croooning of the celebrated Superstar, Conway Kitty. The aforementioned acts are not to be outdone by the incomparable, and agile Roller Skatting Rabbit.
The performance is suitable for school assembly programs, Libraries, Park and Recreation Depts., Fairs and Festivals. This show is a "must see" oportunity.

Category: Performing Group

Disciplines: Theatre , Performing Arts

Contact Information

Dan Grady

1 Cutts Lane
Eliot,  ME  03903-2005 


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