MainenMaureen M

PO Box 214, Castine, ME 04421

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About the Artist

My sculptures are carved from stone such as marble, alabaster and native stones or from hardwoods such as cherry and maple. I prefer to use traditional carving tools to start a work although I may need the assistance of a compressor for larger pieces or harder stones. I use files and rifflers for contouring and smoothing and I may also use grinders and sanders at this stage. All of my pieces are finished through a process of progressively smoother sanding. Finally each sculpture is given a protective coat of marble polish or special treatment with an oil/wax combination.

My sculptures are often inspired by organisms and objects found in the sea and on the shore. I have carved a crab claw, a mussel, a flounder, a periwinkle, barnacles, starfish and several underwater invertebrates. I have also carved several seals in a semi-abstract mode. I'm producing two ongoing series, one of nuts and one of leaves. Most of my sculptures are neither strictly realistic nor entirely abstract. I try to capture the essence of an object in a beautiful piece of wood or stone. Each of my pieces is unique. All are appropriate for display in the home. I am also available on a commission basis.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: Adult

Disciplines: Sculpture

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MainenMaureen M

PO Box 214
Castine  ME  04421 


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