Sharon Yates

321 North Lubec Road, Lubec, ME 04652-3205

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About the Artist

Painting outdoors in the landscape is my primary concern while I also continue an involvement with large scale complex studio interiors that include the human figure.

Years ago I cast aside painting scenic coastal motifs and along came cows-- intriguing and beautiful. I was struck by their angular forms moving in the changing light and weather and compelled to find my way in painting them in their world. To find a pasture without a bull is the beginning&#59; I haul in my gear and watch the herd roam the fields, woods and barnyards endlessly waiting for some to slow down or settle at rest&#59; always a gamble?always chaos.

Positioning myself close to the ground seeing the cows close up, I experience their anatomy and movements no matter how slight. Usually I like to paint a cow in the foreground countered by others on the run or in the distance. Aesthetic decisions come and go&#59; ruts, wet spots, manure and fences often rule. I seem to thrive on the unexpected and do not use photographs. Being out there is everything.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: Adult

Disciplines: Painting

Contact Information

Sharon Yates

321 North Lubec Road
Lubec  ME  04652-3205