Jennifer Kosinchuk-Kinney

672 Gardiner Road, Dresden, ME 04342-3056

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About the Artist

Painter Jennifer Kosinchuk-Kinney creates a number of bodies of work as a painter and artist.

RELIEF PAINTINGS are stunning tactile paintings with a thick, viscous, roof patch medium, based on wood panel that use low relief and texture that is often reminiscent of ocean tides, tidepools, ariel views of the earth, and organic details in nature such as fossils. Relief Paintings are a combination of oil paintings and relief sculptures, thus the name Relief Painting.

ANIMAL SPIRIT PAINTINGS utilize oil or acrylic on wood panel as well. Paintings of fanciful, vibrantly colored images of animals. Inspired by subject matter from dreams, Jennifer portrays these animals with many patterns, textures, and bright sometimes, flat color. Animals are usually highlighted as spirit animals and are painted emphasizing the characteristics of the animal that are most powerful to the animal portrayed.

BLIND SIGHT DRAWINGS are drawings either with pen, pencil or marker with eyes closed for the preliminary design. The rest of the drawing is then finalized with eyes open with most often flat color either with Prismacolor marker or paint. With the mindset that there are no mistakes in art, and that with eyes closed you can be free of judgement and reveal the essence and freedom of of the art with no judgement, no going back. Often the results of such drawings are a wonderful over lapping, unplanned, abstract, that create a free image that can only be found in the non-judgmental, open mindset that children attain every day, but we adults have to close our eyes for!

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Design Arts, Photography, Multi-Disciplinary

Contact Information

Jennifer Kosinchuk-Kinney

672 Gardiner Road
Dresden  ME  04342-3056 


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