FowlerAnnadeene K

128 Back Belmont Rd, Belfast, ME 04915-7716

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About the Artist

Artist Statement:
I am a packrat, a collector, a recycler. Anything catching my eye with an interesting shape, color, pattern, or texture will be quickly swooped up and stashed in my studio for a future project. Fragments, found objects and scraps, be they washers, petals, wire, or the liner from a fancy envelope, fill my work with memories of other lifetimes.

My compositions are alive and passionate. They are not created from the far end of a long paintbrush. My fingers are engaged in dance&#59; as they feel each crevice, place each object and smudge layers of color in, they tap along coaxing the scraps to meld together into a new order, and a revived life. Through this process I allow my hands and my imagination to partner as I seek to convey the freedom of spontaneity, and exhilaration of creation that I feel when stitching together these pods of my travels.

Annadeene is a founding member of Aarhus Gallery in Belfast.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting, Multi-Disciplinary