Michael S. Angulo

P.O.Box 272, Falmouth, ME 04105

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About the Artist

The eclectic works of Michael S. Angulo are a refreshing break from the commonplace imagery of rural maine life. Originally from the southwest state of Arizona, Michael has transplanted his interpretations of environmental and psychological extremes -executed in bold, colorful contrasts- to his northeastern home of ten years.

Angulo completed his BFA at Northern Arizona University with a chosen emphasis in painting. Under the tutelage of Bruce Horn, his chosen emphasis was complimented by an undeclared second emphasis in ceramics under Paula Rice and Don Bendel. Michael''s works are infused with references to energy systems, cosmological mechanisms, organismic and technological envelopes, and socio-ecological sustainability: all orchestrated with a sense of mathematical discipline.

A recluse by nature, Angulo''s work suffers from a lack of exposure. A colaborative show with local glassblower Ernest Paterno at the Filament Gallery, and a group show at the late Danforth Gallery entitled ""Generation X"" are two of the more prominent exhibitions of his work.

""In my work I attempt to communicate with the viewer concerns over what I perceive of as an utterly fantastic, yet also deeply troubled collective human psyche. Utilizing both discreet and overt symbols, I engineer most overall structures to read like a pictograph or heiroglyph&#59; hopefully engaging the viewer not only aesthetically, but intellectually as well.""

a.k.a. Michael Angulo

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Design Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts

Contact Information

Michael S. Angulo

P.O.Box 272
Falmouth  ME  04105 


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