Kathy Amsden

29 Kilsyth Street, Auburn, ME 04210

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About the Artist

Katherine M. Amsden, LCSW, CP, is a Maine Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a nationally Certified Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy with specialized accreditation in the clinical application of experiential methods with trauma survivors. She combines over twenty-five years of social work experience with the use of action methods with individuals &&&& groups and is a published singer/songwriter incorporating music, therapeutic playwriting and the dramatic arts into her work. Kathy maintains a private practice in Auburn Maine and provides professional training and personal growth opportunities throughout the year. She is available upon request.

An album containing fifteen original songs for
those on a ""Road to Recovery"" written &&&& sung by Kathy Amsden and professionally arranged &&&& produced in Maine by Roy A. Clark. The songs have been incorporated into a therapeutic play co-written by Kathy and playwright Norman J. Fedder, PhD about recovery from trauma.Together they have created a narradrama approach called ""Playwriting for Rewriting Your Story"".

A listener writes...
""I can''t tell you how your CD has touched me. I listen to it daily, in fact several times a day, as it plays in my car as I travel. You go straight to the heart of so many of the issues involved in my recovery from trauma. It inspires me, supports me in all those alone times, reminding me that others have traveled this ""road to recovery."" I thank you from the bottom of my heart, from my whole being. It is so hard to put into words what this means to me and how it helps me heal. It is a gift to all suffering from traumas of the past. If only all those suffering could have a copy. With love and appreciation."" Joanne

For lyrics, music clips, ordering information, and more visit www.kathyamsden.com

About The Maine Arts In Healing Initiative...
Believing in the arts as a healing modality, The Maine Arts In Healing Initiative originated following 9/11 and out of Kathy''s work using psychodrama, drama therapy and musical applications within her social work practice. She has offered experiential personal growth and professional training workshops in Maine since 2002 with a special concentration in working with those affected by trauma, grief and loss.

About Action Methods...
The clinical application of the dramatic, experiential and expressive art therapies engages individuals and groups in the systematic, interactive enactment of real life psychosocial and interpersonal problems from the past, present and/or future - putting these stories in action and therapeutic interventions in motion towards finding a ""new response to an old situation or an adequate response to a new situation"" (J.L.Moreno, 1953).
In addition to the therapy office, these methods are effective in a variety of settings from education &&&& healthcare to business &&&& the community providing skill development, role training, conflict resolution, anger &&&& stress management, empathy building, social support for diversity, tolerance and more.
Learning the art and science of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy- as originally developed by J.L Moreno- is a post master''s degree program in which Kathy has obtained her national certification.

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Kathy Amsden

29 Kilsyth Street
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