Maine Academy of Staged Combat

Acorn Studios, Westbrook, ME 04092

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About the Artist

Conflict is a major part of any theatrical production. Often that conflict is physical.

Mark Bedell can teach actors to safely and effectively use ANY weapon: Broadsword, Sword &&&& Shield, Sword &&&& Buckler, Quarterstaff, Cudgel, Kali Sticks, Rapier, Rapier &&&& Dagger, Spear, Axe, Found Weapons, Fantasy Weapons, Martial Arts, Empty Hand, Western--Modern--Futuristic Firearms just to name a few. He can teach historical styles of fighting, Greek, Roman, Norman, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Modern Warfare, etc...

Mark Bedell is available as a Director, Technical Dir. and/or Fight Director for
Professional, Community, University, High School and Jr. High School
Plays and Musicals anywhere in the state.
Travel is no problem.

Category: Artist

Disciplines: Theatre

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Maine Academy of Staged Combat

Acorn Studios
90 Bridge St.
Westbrook  ME  04092 


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