Katy Allgeyer

22 Weed Field Road, Stonington, ME 04861

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About the Artist

Artist's Statement

My latest series is about the implications of location on one's physical self, emotional self, and imagined self. Is where we are situated on the location of a map as significant as where we find ourselves to be within our own spirit/body at any given moment. Are we a direct result of our environmental surroundings or do we bring our interior landscapes with us wherever we go? Is what we remember of where we have been an accurate representation of who we are or are we recreating a mythical self, seen through our mind's filter? This is what interests me now.

Currently, I like combining representational figuration and landscape with abstract techniques and mixed media designs in one piece of art. I am inspired by road maps and nautical charts which I apply to the underlay, canvas, paper or board. The maps and charts show through the paint as if one is glimpsing a treasure map or a clue to the artist's emotional location, adding texture, mystery, and a contemporary edginess. Other symbols are layered into the work throughout the painting process. I'm working in acrylic paint, oil sticks, and assorted paper materials such as Bingo cards, plasticized placemats, gold & silver leafed Chinese feng shui paper, tissue, historical documents; the U.S. Constitution; and maps of all kinds applied to canvas.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Seasonal Availability: Spring,Summer

Disciplines: Painting, Printmaking, Crafts

Contact Information

Katy Allgeyer

22 Weed Field Road
Stonington  ME  04861 


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