Jamie Ribisi

256 Pond Rd, Manchester, ME 04351

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About the Artist

Jamie Ribisi studied at Boston University where she received a BFA in Painting. That brought into her work the ability to use nature as a tool to engage the viewer and to then bring them beyond the representational and into the anxiety of the moment. Her current work strives to do just that&#59; to take the familiarity of cloud formations and place them next to paintings of the black clouds of fire and explosions, illustrating to the viewer that this gruesome entity can overtake their world. She desires to make the viewer uncomfortable with the reality of their changing times, hoping to force them to take a stance or at least contemplate the events of the world around them.

Jamie constantly is observing the landscapes surrounding her at home and while on the road, taking in as much information as possible to bring into her next paintings. While most of her painting is done in the studio, Jamie believes in capturing the spontaneity of the moment and works primarily from her memory while also utilizing sketches and photographs taken in the field. Through research she has also found photographs of various moments&#59; storms, fires, and explosions, amongst others. She uses these photographs to capture the immediacy of those moments and, while in the studio, alters the color palette, composition, and drawing to create her own response to these images.

Jamie lives in Manchester, Maine with her husband, Brian, and her twin sister, Joy. They are in the process of opening up Sweetland Artist Retreat and Bed &&&& Breakfast where they will foster the creative energy of their guests and host workshops.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting, Photography

Contact Information

Jamie Ribisi

256 Pond Rd
Manchester  ME  04351 


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