A.T.E. Enterprises

200 Anderson St. #8, Portland, ME 04101

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About the Artist

We believe that humankind''s greatest asset is its diverse culture. At the heart of this culture are our cities, the hubs of civilization and the most influential organic forces known to life on this planet. The arts are the purest expression of this civilization, and therefore, provide us with the most potent evolutionary traits of life. We feel that through independent expression and true creativity we can affect change within humanity and create opportunity for those participating. By providing a platform from which people can express themselves, ATE is committed to strengthening an existing worldwide community of people interested in social consciousness and spiritual awareness, global participation, and the expression of the inherent freedoms we feel we have as living beings.

Category: Arts/Cultural Business

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Design Arts, Printmaking, Multi-Disciplinary

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A.T.E. Enterprises

200 Anderson St. #8
Portland  ME  04101 


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