Toni Seger

4 Lovell Landing Road, Lovell, ME 04051

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About the Artist

A playwright for many years, Seger has produced, directed and acted in her own and other plays for stage and cable television. In 1998, she formed ProseWorks(tm) Productions to give literature a visual life through film. In 2000, her focus with film became the remarkable work of poet, Timothy Richardson.
An award winning film producer with many endorsements&#59; she spent five years making ""Laurels"" cited in a multi-state competition for innovation.
Her novels, ""The Telefax Trilogy"", satirizes the pros and cons of our modern mechanized world.
She authored ""Taking Your Business Global"" (Career Press, 1997)

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Theatre , Design Arts, Literature, Media Arts

Contact Information

Toni Seger

4 Lovell Landing Road
Lovell  ME  04051 


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