Jeff Woodbury

65 Hobart Street, South Portland, ME 04106

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About the Artist

I call a lot of my work ""drawing"" because it''s a simple handle for carrying it around, and broad enough to cover a great deal of what I do. I explore my fascination with the world through drawing.

I draw with pencils and pens and sticks and knives, with rocks and sand and bleach and fire, with light and sound and motion and time, on paper and film and computers and in the world. I work in both analog and digital. I can draw with both hands at the same time.

I work concurrently on projects in a variety of media. Some projects take longer than others, some are explorations with no outcome intended. Often ideas cross-pollinate and evolve into other projects. Sometimes an idea is set down for years, then picked up again and turned around and tested in a new position in the pattern of my work. The holes left by abandoned ideas are part of the pattern, too.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Media Arts, Visual Arts, Multi-Disciplinary, Crafts

Contact Information

Jeff Woodbury

65 Hobart Street
South Portland  ME  04106 


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