Elizabeth Coburn

41 Wolf Star Drive, Buckfield, ME 04220

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About the Artist

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For me, art is a form of real magic, the kind that runs like electricity through your body making the world sparkle. I don''t feel that I am the creator of the art I produce, but that the art manifests through me into the physical world. Magic happens when I can step out of the way and let the art flow. When I am going with that flow, time stops, the focus is complete and I cannot let go until the flow lets go of me. It is that space that I crave. It is meditative, rejuvenating and magical. I love to create with whatever medium is at hand and if I can combine them, even better. Each medium has its own form of magic for me. Acrylics bring out my primal side, very connected with ancient female archetypes and powerful. Watercolor taps my detail side and my subjects tend toward nature and animal portraits. I have just begun my exploration of oils and I love the techniques of the ancient masters and their magic of light and shadow in still life and portraiture. My beadwork ties into my spiritual side, my connection to the earth and to spirit guides. Most of these pieces are ceremonial in nature and the inspiration comes straight from my dreaming. Photography, whether black and white or color allows me to capture a world of contrasts and provides a never ending pallet of possibilities. Some of these will become other works of art and some remain in their original photographic form. I believe that creativity lives in all of us and I hope you will enjoy what I bring to share.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting, Photography

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Elizabeth Coburn

41 Wolf Star Drive
Buckfield  ME  04220 


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