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About the Artist

The Maine Center for Creativity is a non-profit
501-3 started in 2005 led by a volunteer Board of Directors dedicated to creating projects and programs that support the arts and promote the growth of the creative industries and professions in Maine that contribute to the vitality of Maine''s economy.

The Maine Center for Creativity will accomplish its mission by:

-Shining a spotlight on the innovation and creativity that abounds in Maine.
-Stimulating innovative enterprise through regional, national and international partnerships and educational initiatives.
-Creating programming and networking that support people working in the creative economy.
-Creating high-visibility projects that capture the imagination and foster the art of the possible.

The organizations charter is to support the growth of creative industries in Maine and promote the arts. The projects that we undertake focus on creating high impact, building and supporting the growth of the creative economy in Maine and fostering Maine''s reputation as a place where creative people and innovative businesses can thrive.

We have undertaken a number of projects, from convening clusters of creative industries (writing and publishing&#59; and new media) in order to facilitate mutual cooperation, to organizing an unusual arts and industry collaboration where digital video artist, Raphael DiLuzio, projected his art 6 stories high on the facade of the Cousins Island power plant while hundreds of boaters and kayakers watched and listened in Casco Bay, to acting as a resource for the creative community at-large. It is our goal to help foster an entrepreneurial culture of self reliance, a culture that celebrates the creation and growth of enterprises built on the imaginations and creative energies of Maine people - those who live here now, and those who might live here in the future.

Our Goal: Build Maine''s reputation as a place where creativity and innovation are embraced.

Our Values:
The Maine Center for Creativity believes in the following:

Creativity and talented, creative people are important to Maine''s economic growth and creation of wealth.
Maine''s original and unique ideas are worth protecting, investing in and marketing.
Maine''s citizens deserve jobs that capture their imagination and foster the art of the possible.

Category: Community Developer

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Media Arts, Painting, Multi-Disciplinary

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Maine Center for Creativity

7 Custom House Street
Portland  ME  04101