Karsten Kittelsen

325 Mooseneck Rd, Addison, ME 04606

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About the Artist

Karsten's mission is to bring the natural beauty of our country to viewers and collectors world wide by depicting scenes from Downeast Maine's coast, rivers, lakes, and wilderness areas. Since beginning his art career in the mid-nineties, he has developed a unique style, painting primarily in oils, using clear, bright colors. He paints mostly "Main-scapes" - seascapes, landscapes, wilderness, and wildlife paintings. Karsten's work has been well received, as evidenced by his rapidly increasing annual sales as well as his acceptance into an ever growing number of galleries and other venues. While he paints mostly for galleries and specific exhibits, he also accepts a limited number of commissions each year. Karsten is a member of Bangor Art Society, the Waterville Area Art Society, and two local art organizations in Downeast Maine.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Painting, Photography

Contact Information

Karsten Kittelsen

325 Mooseneck Rd
Addison  ME  04606