Linda Murray

1 Curtis Place, Bath, ME 04530

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About the Artist

My paintings have always been tied to a sense of place. Their emphasis is on the process with an organic approach of letting an image evolve without the weight of a preconceived notion of outcome to weigh it down. I find it exciting to witness a new visual idea emerging from the paper. Often the idea seems to transcend language and be of a spiritual nature.

I begin each image with a wet-in-wet process called Decalcomania where I lay down various plastic material and manipulate it to form wrinkles and shapes. These images are further developed once they are dry. My primary medium is watercolor although I also work with gouache, acrylic paint and mixed medium.

I use color as my emotional indicator while the forms suggest an ethereal place that may seem underwater, celestial or of another world. Often my work has deep and dark passages which are a metaphor for the vast unknown that is part of our human journey. Discrete shapes emerge from the shadows. They are symbolic of our individualized journeys through life in our quest to know ourselves and our place in the physical world.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting

Contact Information

Linda Murray

1 Curtis Place
Bath  ME  04530 


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