Sean Campbell

259 Ocean House Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

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About the Artist

I make installation sculpture that encompasses a wide variety of subjects such as the human figure, light, and color for their formal beauty and conceptual potency. Steel is my primary building material for its durability, formability, and rugged appearance. My steel figures are constructed in a linear fashion out of steel bars, much like a contour drawing in space. Fabrication of the figure is done non-systematically in order to retain the spontaneity of the piece. In my light-based installation work, I use a variety of found objects such as bottles and aquariums to function as conduits for color or light. The objects used as conduits are subordinate to the light; the integral part of the piece. I use light and color to create an atmosphere that affects the viewer's subjective reality.

My work begins as a simple material study, such as a wax mold, or an experiment with the reflective properties of light. I never start with a project fully realized in my mind. Through experimentation and thoughtful playing, I learn about the piece as I create it. Oftentimes the piece doesn't reveal it's true nature to me until very close to completion.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Sculpture, Multi-Disciplinary

Contact Information

Sean Campbell

259 Ocean House Road
Cape Elizabeth  ME  04107