Handmade Puppeteers Workshop

12 Madison Street, Portland, ME 04101

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About the Artist

Handmade Puppeteers Workshop brings experienced theater artist and educator Alex Endy directly to your students, engaging children and young adults in a physical and imaginative immersion in the magical, mysterious art of puppetry. Young puppeteers will discover unsuspected talents and reinforce their skills in literacy, critical thinking, problem solving and visual design. Our workshops give students a sense of accomplishment and pride in their creations, while challenging them to collaborate, focus and see the world in new ways. We offer custom tailored experiences for classroom enrichment; after school programs; vacation and summer camps; and professional staff development. Puppetry workshops may involve dramatizing a specific story or working straight from the child's imagination. Our curriculum draws from puppetry traditions the world over, including shadow theater, hand-and-rod puppets and marionettes. Workshops focused on storytelling and creative movement are also possible. We design each workshop or residency around the needs of your school, organization or program.

Category: Arts Educator

Disciplines: Theatre , Performing Arts, Visual Arts

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Handmade Puppeteers Workshop

12 Madison Street
Portland  ME  04101 


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