Arthur Nichols

PO Box 205, S Freeport, ME 04078

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About the Artist

I am primarily a painter, but work in a variety of media depending on the needs of a project, my proclivities, and whim. Many of my paintings are inspired by myth, dream, and awareness/perception of the world. They are personal and intimate images of self, and not-self, and experience. For a number of years I've been using the Buddhist concept of Sangha to explore my world. The circle is closed but dynamic, not static like the square. There's an inside and an outside, and the walls, or spaces between are where change happens. I'm also working (playing) on the idea of constellations to explore relationships....we humans have a tendency to "connect the dots" on perceptual and conceptual levels. We take unrelated objects and ideas and create meaning from them (we fill in the blanks....) to describe our world and experience.
I try to include humor in my work-it helps bring the profundity down to earth!

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Media Arts, Visual Arts, Painting, Multi-Disciplinary

Contact Information

Arthur Nichols

PO Box 205
S Freeport  ME  04078 


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