Tom Jessen

3 Temple Road, Temple, ME 04984

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About the Artist

My work has evolved from something that was object-oriented to works that deal specifically with surface quality. I continue to be interested in the perception of definitions, edges and boundaries. The physicality that existed in past works, both in form and paint application, has evolved to specific mark-making on the surface. I introduced a router to draw lines into the surface and returned to more traditional rectangle and square formats. Similarly to how the physical seam in past constructions utilized a mark making device, this physicality created by the routered lines exists as both a positive and negative mark. Ultimately, though, the mark-making in these works reveal the edges of geometric forms, suggesting something that perhaps was always present but not seen. What is seen is always an entity or image that cannot be referenced outside the painting itself, such as basic geometric forms or lines. The viewer then is kept within the work and is drawn not only to its gestalt but also back to the process and how it was made; experiencing the vacillation in this relationship. I've recently started a line of inquiry that deals with the grid as a structural device and expands even further the relief aspect created through carving into the surface.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting, Printmaking

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