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795 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101

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About the Artist

You are an artist. You create. You create with emotion, soul and depth. This passion needs to grab your audience in a fraction of a second... at a moment's notice. This is your Brand. The brand of YOU and your ART. Your brand is foundational. Before developing a writer's platform, a musician's signature or a fine artist's statement, your brand must be discovered, integrated and communicated. But to shine brightly and to send your art soaring it must be communicated consistently and replicated everywhere. Whether you're just starting out or an established artist, Babacita can help take you to the next level. Visit for more information or email to set up a free, non-commital 20-minute consultation where we will talk about your art, challenges and goals during this introductory discovery session.

Category: Service Organization

Disciplines: Multi-Disciplinary

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Babacita | Artist Branding

795 Congress Street
Portland  ME  04101 


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