JT Gibson

245 S Maine Street, Morrill, ME 04952

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About the Artist

I am a contemporary sculptor who investigates cultural artifacts to construct work that inhabits the gray area between abstraction and purpose. My sculptures reference the figure, implements and machines, and thus have a familiar yet unidentifiable presence, evoking perhaps some ancient, hard-wired memory. They are self-sufficient objects that rely on the singular form, without adornment, to convey their power. I am engaged with a pared-down aesthetic, composing a language of symbols and narratives that derive from and reflect on the nature of human enterprise. Great beauty compels me, but also the processes of decay - the continuous recycling of birth, life and death.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: Adult

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting, Sculpture

Contact Information

JT Gibson

245 S Maine Street
Morrill  ME  04952 


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