Matthew Foster

13 Deer Run Drive, Milo, ME 04463

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About the Artist

My work explores the fundamental desires of freedom, love, and growth. There are parallels, between these essential needs and the motivation of the artist to determine action without restraint. Through the creation of my work I become exempt from external control. I become freed and because of this freedom, I love and grow with my work. In this sense, each of my works is ultimately a self-portrait. Whether through the conscious, or through the influence of events, I make aesthetic decisions for each piece based on my own conventions. I choose to work in an abstract style, in order to reach a broader audience and understanding. While my aesthetic decisions are based on my own biases and life experiences, the viewer is allowed to bring to recollection their own life experiences, thus altering their perception of the work and freeing themselves from my own motivations. I live and work in Maine, creating sculpture from stone, steel, glass, wood, and bronze.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: All

Seasonal Availability: Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter,

Disciplines: Sculpture

Contact Information

Matthew Foster

13 Deer Run Drive
Milo  ME  04463 


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