22 Alpine Drive, Falmouth, ME 04105

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About the Artist

I have a large background in the glass arts. One of the many things that I've done with glass is do large works of art in the form of mosaics. I'll get an idea of something that would look good, either a pattern or image or both, and then cut up large sheets of glass into smaller components, sometimes for days. After I have enough glass broken down into the amount I need, I'll lay down the glass into my image. After the image is finished, I can tape it up and ship it or grout it myself onto a wall or other surface. Mosaics are very time consuming because you have to place each bit of glass very carefully and precisely, but because of the long laborious procedure, the end results always look fantastic.

Category: Artist

Disciplines: Sculpture, Crafts

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22 Alpine Drive
Falmouth  ME  04105