Tim Higbee

17 Hatchet Mountain Road, Hope, ME 04847

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About the Artist

Located directly inland from Camden/Rockport HOPE EDITIONS specializes in contemporary and traditional lithography through the art of collaboration between artist and master printer, as pioneered by June Wayne at the Tamarind Institute. Tim is a Tamarind Institute trained Master Printer with additional printmaking, studio administration, and studio Health and Safety protocol experience in the Department of Art Practice, UC Berkeley.

Editions produced meet the highest professional, aesthetic, and ethical standards of the art. Each impression is printed by hand. Costs are determined by the number of colors, paper size, and the number of impressions in the edition.

Artists, dealers, galleries, publishers and patrons can choose Contract printing or Co-publishing opportunities.

Contract printing production costs are borne by the artist who then controls ownership and marketing of the edition.

Co-publishing affords multiple parties to partner in sharing production costs of editions. Artists can partner with galleries, dealers or with HOPE EDITIONS. Under this arrangement the edition is divided as negotiated, each party controlling ownership and marketing of their portion.

Publishing ventures are by invitation only. HOPE EDITIONS makes every effort to work with new and emerging artists as well as those who have established careers.

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Category: Artist

Seasonal Availability: Spring,Summer,Fall,

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Printmaking, Multi-Disciplinary

Contact Information

Tim Higbee

17 Hatchet Mountain Road
Hope  ME  04847 


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