Celeste Roberge

PO Box 2607, South Portland, ME 04116-2607

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About the Artist

My most recent work revolves around North Atlantic seaweeds that I collect as beach cast in Maine and Nova Scotia, then transform into sculptures, drawings, collages, prints and photos. I am fascinated by the multiple states of seaweed from wet to dry, opaque to translucent, fluid to rigid; by its many uses from agricultural supplements to food additives and casting mediums; and by its sustainability and relevance to the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and economy. I worked for many years in large scale sculptures combining steel, stone, and domestic objects such as furniture or cast iron pans. These works were inspired by geological phenomena such as sedimentation, vulcanism, erosion, and by human technological intersections in the natural geology such as mines, quarries, and roadcuts. Whether working with the delicacy of seaweed or the weight of stone, my focus is on materiality and my ability to use matter to embed meaning in objects. I maintain a studio in South Portland, Maine and accept inquiries through my website www.celesteroberge.com.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Media Arts, Visual Arts, Sculpture, Multi-Disciplinary

Contact Information

Celeste Roberge

PO Box 2607
South Portland  ME  04116-2607 


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