Paley Heath

59 Montrose Avenue, Portland, ME 04103

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About the Artist

I stitch my images together by overlapping individual full frame 35 millimeter shots–layering up to 50 shots into the final image. At times I also use focus stacking to enhance the depth of field in the individual shots prior to the layering process. Where most photographers take one picture of a street corner, I zoom in and take dozens, often over long periods of time. I then modify the layers in whatever way necessary to support my vision for the ultimate result. Each picture is therefore unique–an instant in time resulting from a myriad of shots, timeframes and vantage points.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Photography, Black and White, Color, Digital

Contact Information

Paley Heath

59 Montrose Avenue
Portland  ME  04103 


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