Karin Press Cohen Paintings

P.O. BOX 263, DANFORTH, ME 04424

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About the Artist

In 2014, after a 15-year hiatus to raise my high-needs son, I rediscovered my passion for oil painting. Recovering my technical ability was challenging, but only until I reaffirmed why painting fulfills me artistically. This has allowed me to resume the journey to try to realize my potential as an artist. Besides my own compositions, found that I still love doing commissioned portraiture. Being given the opportunity to re-create moments in time captured on film, is to me, a privilege...an opportunity to be trusted with honoring that 'memory'.

In revisiting my painting process, I feel that regaining a sense of 'flow' was key. Whenever I paint, I become so immersed...I feel as if I am transported to where time and place fade away. In flow, is where my creativity lives and breathes...where, what I consider to be my best work so far, comes from.

Color is the biggest component, and is what drives my passion for painting...since it's the essence of what subjects evoke for me emotionally. Inspired by existing colors within a subject, I interpret what each is saying to me. By determining how color contributes to the original composition, I 'draw' out and reinvent them, by changing their intensity or hue. How color influences my work has not changed, although I feel have defined it better. Form is merely the blueprint or shape, where within its borders I can 'play' with color, while still keeping it recognizable.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Graphic Design, Website Design, Visual Arts, Painting, Oil/Acrylic, Portrait, Traditional Arts

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Karin Press Cohen Paintings

P.O. BOX 263
DANFORTH  ME  04424 


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