Tear Cap Workshops

22 Hampshire St, Hiram, ME 04041

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About the Artist

Tear Cap Workshops is situated on a former sawmill in Hiram, Maine. Our mission is two-fold: to build community through hands-on craft, and to make good use of a former industrial space. We aim to advance craft in wood, stone, metal and other media, and to engage the community through classes, open house events and volunteer opportunities. We also aim to promote local businesses and to develop innovation by renting workshop space to artisans and small businesses. The concept is that anyone with an interest in hands-on craft has access to support and inspiration in a creative, community setting.

The former sawmill facility consists of 19 acres and 11 buildings. We lease aesthetic and affordable workshop space to established artisans in a variety of media, and we offer hands-on educational classes in traditional skills.

Our goal is to make good use of a former sawmill campus with craft, industry, and education. We hope to offer a wealth of opportunities for anyone who wants to learn a new skill, or needs the space to work on a creative project or business. Our 12 tenants currently represent woodworking, timberframing, blacksmithing, farming and guitar making. The artisan rentals provide a base of steady income for the non-profit, and real-life examples of individuals making a living in their chosen craft.

We are also establishing a hands-on curriculum in a variety of disciplines. We have offer classes in stonewall building, woodworking, basketmaking, bookbinding, printing, and traditional dyeing. In between these two concepts is our Rent-a-Bench makerspace, where participants can utilize woodworking tools and equipment for an hourly fee, without a long term commitment or strict class structure.

Our mission at Tear Cap Workshops is to unleash creativity through hands-on learning.

Category: Community Group

Preferred Audiences: Adult

Disciplines: Historical, Cultural, Furniture, Wood, Printmaking, Installation, Metal, Wood, Stone, Wood, Woodcarving, Multi-Disciplinary, Crafts, Traditional Arts

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Tear Cap Workshops

22 Hampshire St
Hiram  ME  04041 


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