Karen Olson

7 Owl Drive, Hope, Me 04847

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About the Artist

As an artist working in photography, I am interested in visually expressing human emotion with all its intricacies and complexities. I illustrate the language of the subconscious mind and use the medium to dig deep into the psyche. I encourage creative interplay between the camera, model, and photographer. Collaboration and spontaneity are key elements in my process.

Having spent many years exploring and working in artistic mediums such as fiber art, collage, acrylics, and metalwork; I truly feel photography speaks to me in a way that no other has. It is the medium that brings together my collected knowledge and skill in the arts in a way that rejuvenates and refreshes me. I still work in these mediums, only now, the work helps me to create unique concepts and dimensional imagery. I intertwine and layer digital captures of these elements in my work.

My latest project, ‘Between Two Worlds,’ visually expresses the effects of trauma and grief.
It depicts the ambiguous void, the space that lacks clarity or form when one is grieving or experiencing intense emotional pain. The work has been and is intended as a prompt to begin a dialog, to help us tell our stories.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: Adult

Disciplines: Visual Art

Contact Information

Karen Olson

7 Owl Drive
Hope  Me  04847 


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