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About the Artist

The Mainiac Swing Dance Society, an affiliation of persons interested in improvisational swing and centered in the Portland area, was founded in 1990 by Reggie Osborn and Paul Krakauske. They had been spending a lot of time traveling to dances in Boston, and decided to create dances closer to home that featured the same kind of energetic music they liked (Louis Jordan, jump blues, big band jazz, and 1950's music). It was the energy in the music that attracted them, and the freedom to improvise, like a jazz musician.

The name "Mainiac Swing Dance Society" was developed as an identifying "brand name" so people would know what kind of music and dancing to expect at dances sponsored by this group. There are no officers, no paid memberships, and no structured organization to the group. Anyone who shows up to a Mainiac Swing Dance Society sponsored dance, can call himself or herself a member!

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Disciplines: Dance

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PO Box 8072
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