Artist presenters needed for elementary art show

  • February 26, 2018

Fairview Elementary in Auburn, Maine holds an annual art show which includes a professional artist presenter.  I am looking for three presenters to create an event that features their art, the process they use and some kind of interactive component. 

The art/music shows are broken up into three different nights.  The nights are currently scheduled as follows: March 21 (K-1), March 22 (2-3) and March 28 (4-5-6)

In the past we had a ceramicist throw pottery on a wheel and allow students to try it, an artist drew musicians as they played, an artist created a collaborative art project based on her interests, an artist that worked with silhouettes made a work of art as people viewed her work, and a puppet company showed the students how they made their puppets.  All of the artists gave the students and parents a glimpse into their particular artistic processes. 

Each artist will have between 1 to 2 hours to complete their "presentation."  Each artist will get a small stipend of $200.00 for their time, travel expenses, and supplies.  The "presentation" will be held in the school's art room, which includes a large space, LCD projector, and any artist supplies I can offer. Here are the things I need from the artists.

  • I will need a small descriptions of what your will be proposing for the night
  • A list of supplies you will be using
  • A few images that represents what you will be doing.

Please email the information to

Thanks so much for considering this.  All of the artist presenters have said they enjoyed the experience and the community has been so enriched by the artists.  



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