Call for Visual Artists IDEXX Laboratories - Deadline Dec. 6

  • November 29, 2017

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IDEXX Laboratories is making a call to artists who work in the intersection of art and engineering to submit proposals to design, create and install an 11 x 14 wall artwork for the entry area to the newly renovated R&D Engineering space.  The committee is especially interested in proposals for a kinetic piece or a piece that otherwise incorporates movement and technology.  The total project budget is $18,000.00 and the submission deadline is Wednesday, December 6, 2017.  The finished work will need to be installed the week of February 12-16, 2018.


The IDEXX R&D Engineering team consists of engineers, scientists, and support personnel including the following disciplines software, electrical, optical, systems, reliability, hematology, and a full machine shop. 

We are responsible for innovative and practical instrument solutions to support IDEXX’s businesses.

Most recent development effort:

About IDEXX Laboratories:

Description of the R&D Engineering Space

Instrument R&D is made up of hardware and software hackers providing a full composite of design, layout, fabrication and programming for our veterinary instruments. We utilize many different types of diagnostic mechanics including centrifuges, pumps, multi-axis robotic arms, lasers, heaters, mixers as well as a variety of sensors, chips, digital cameras and barcode scanners. Other teams in the group provide the low level firmware to drive this hardware as well as the high level applications that users or other systems interact with.

A casual observer walking through Instrument R&D would see many different iterations of hardware in different stages of completion, all wires, cables, pumps, motors, robots and other boards open for view and moving through various set patterns of behavior. Software for driving various components ticking through a recipe of movements, orchestrating the low hum and whirr or quiet motors and flashing lights. Bins of plastic consumable pipette tips, slides, wipes and materials intermingle with Oscilloscopes, voltmeters and mechanical rigs. The busy field of bare metals, colored circuit boards and translucent plastics are offset by the bright clean glow of projected light and displays of intricate algorithms, code and 3d models.

Design Specifications and Needs:


-        Design is integrated with / relates to what the engineers in the desk area do

-        Wall W x H : 14’ x 11’ – design goes on the wall, is part of the wall, or is free standing in front of the wall

-        The wall will be built with steel studs, full ¾” plywood coverage, and sheetrock to allow any point of attachment. This is subject to change based on your design – you will work with us and PC Construction, to clarify structural needs

-        No louder than 50 dB

-        Power and Data (Ethernet) available – 15 Amp / 120 VAC

-        Back is accessible for maintenance / modifications

-        If it requires maintenance, create a maintenance plan. Share specifications on anything that may break, tarnish, need maintenance, so we can keep it well for years to come


-        Proposal: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

-        Selected Artist will be notified and can begin work: Friday, December 8, 2017

-        Installation Period: February 12-16, 2018


There is $18,000 available for artwork for this project.  These funds will be used to commission work(s) from a single artist, more than one artist or an artist team. An artist budget proposal must cover all design, fabrication, transportation, documentation, and installation expenses, including any building or site modifications associated with the artwork.  


A committee of 10 engineers who work in the space will jury submissions for the project. The committee will review the materials to determine the award. 


Applications are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to design work that incorporate movement, robotics, technology or interactivity in ways that are relevant to R&D Engineering at IDEXX.
  • Demonstrated capacity to complete the proposal on time and within budget.
  • A very clear plan of execution as well as documentation of other completed permanent works of similar scale. 


Proposal should be in the form of a pdf document. It may include images as well as links to video or other online documentation. There will not be a second phase to the proposal process, so applicants are encouraged to convey the idea as clearly and fully as possible through supporting documentation.

Your proposal must include:

  1. A current concise resume for participating artist(s) (2 pages maximum).
  1. A brief one-page written proposal describing your past work and your idea for the feature wall. 
  1. Supporting images, sketches and links that help us to visualize the design that you are proposing. 
  1. Documentation of past artworks (images, links)  that will help us to understand your aesthetic, interests, concerns and ability to complete a permanent work of this scale.
  1. An itemized budget estimate to give cost expectations
  1. A brief anticipated maintenance plan required for the artwork. 

Contacts: Mary Ann MacDonald & David Ericson &



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