• April 09, 2024


  • Incident Period: 12/17/2023-12/21/2023
  • Presidential Disaster Declaration (DR-4754) Date: 1/30/2024
    • Individual Assistance Registration Deadline: 4/1/2024 (closed)
      • Total Disaster Recovery Centers Opened: 5 (all closed as of 4/1/2024)
      • Total Valid Individual Assistance Registrations: 2,416
      • Total Relief Dispersed to Individual Assistance Applicants: $10,169,728 (to date)
    • Public Assistance Registration Deadline: 3/28/2024 (extended from 2/29/2024) (closed)
      • Total Public Assistance Registrations: 207
      • Total Relief Dispersed to Public Assistance Applicants: TBD – This process take several months to years
  • SBA Disaster Declaration Date (ME-20001 and ME-20004): 1/30/2024
    • Physical Damage Disaster (ME-20001) Loan Deadline: 4/1/204 (closed)
      • Total Valid Homeowner Registrations: 278
      • Total Homeowners Loans Approved: $705,600 (to date)
      • Total Valid Business Registrations: 157
      • Total Business Loans Approved: $16,400 (to date)
    • Economic Injury Disaster (ME-20004) Loan Deadline: 10/30/2024 (open)
      • Total Valid Registrations: 49
      • Total Loans Approved: $0 (to date)
  • Disaster Unemployment Assistance Deadline: 3/4/2024 (closed)
      • Total Valid Registrations: 0
  • Federal Recovery Support Functions Activated: 1 (RSF-1; Community Assistance)


Please know the above only represents stats as they pertain to FEMA, SBA, and Department of Labor programs. Several exceptional volunteer agencies have been assisting with muck-outs and the removal of damaged drywall/insulation since December, some private entities have donated appliances and household goods to those in need, Maine DEP has completed over one hundred pump-outs, the Department of Health and Human Services has submitted a grant application to bring in additional “crisis counseling” support for disaster survivors, and FEMA Voluntary Agency Liaison teams have been working with effected communities on the establishment of long-term recovery groups to facilitate next steps in addressing further unmet needs.


Please know at this time, for the December storm, that all except for the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan program and USDA’s Rural Development Section 504 Disaster Pilot program are closed. As programs continue to close out and further unmet needs are made apparent, Maine Emergency Management Agency will be in communication with Disaster Recovery Team members and Maine’s Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters group (in partnership with County EMA’s) to facilitate and coordinate resource needs. Major thanks to all of you for leaning in, and extra thanks to the Governor’s Office for continuing to organize information from all of the participating agencies on the Maine Flood Resources and Assistance Hub website.



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