Maine Arts Commission Hiring Executive Director

  • December 05, 2023

Maine Arts Commission Seeks Executive Director

Augusta, Maine— The Maine Arts Commission is excited to announce the opening for the position of Executive Director (Public Service Executive III). This crucial leadership role will be responsible for steering the strategic planning, direction, and overall management of all agency operations, programs, and services.

Position Details:

Please contact:  for questions about this posting.

Purpose of Position/Summary:

The Executive Director of the Maine Arts Commission is responsible for the strategic planning, direction, management, implementation, and evaluation of all agency operations, programs and services, and internal and external relations as set forth through policy and budget by members of the Maine Arts Commission. This position reports to the Maine Arts Commission, assists the Commission in setting public policy, and is responsible for the management of 8 employees in the agency.

Characteristics of a Successful Candidate: 

Our agency seeks a creative and visionary leader with a passion for arts, partnerships, and people, who can engage with a broad and diverse collective of stakeholders to advance the arts and cultural sector in Maine. They inspire trust and confidence and motivate a team with big ideas that have national impact. This individual will have political savvy and an ability to develop, nurture, and leverage authentic relationships with policy makers and civic leaders. Our new director will have a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in their professional work and personal values. We want an effective negotiator, who is respectful and diplomatic with diverse points of view, who values collaboration and possesses a deep awareness of issues and trends impacting the arts and culture in Maine, regionally, nationally, and globally.   

Essential Duties/Responsibilities: 

·       Internal and External Communications:  

·       Be visible to the public and to the arts and culture sector as an arts advocate, leader, partner, collaborator, funder, and friend. 

·       Work to collectively produce a positive impact of the arts in Maine.  

·       Maintain and promote a positive working relationship with the field of artists, arts organizations, and the public.  

·       Maintain and promote a positive working relationship with state agencies, including the Governor’s Office, State Budget Agency, State Personnel Agency, and Department of Administration, and with local and federal agencies.  

·       Maintain a positive professional working relation with state, regional, and national cultural agencies, including, as appropriate, leadership roles.  

·       Maintain and promote a positive relationship with Maine statewide service agencies and partners.  

·       Conceptualize, develop, monitor, and evaluate effective strategies for promoting the arts to a general audience, including a public awareness campaign.  

·       Analyze external communications/marketing needs and develop strategic information programs through agency communications, social media, and the website.  


·       Regularly analyze strategic plan to identify multiyear basis financial resources, opportunities, and needs to meet plan objectives; develop budget strategies for meeting established goals.  

·       Identify and develop public and private funding opportunities, including State of Maine Biennial Budget and federal grants.  

·       Identify and monitor agency cost centers based on annual/biennial budget.  

·       Ensure that funds are distributed in alignment with<s> </s> state and federal requirements. 

Needs Assessment/Strategic Planning:  

·       Maintain and support the Commission’s five-year strategic plan. 

·       Identify financing and other resources for strategic planning.  

·       Develop strategic planning protocols.  

·       Engage participants from civic, business, philanthropic, education, cultural, and    human services sectors in strategic planning as appropriate.  

·       Assist Commission in strategic implementation of agency resources to achieve agency’s mission through the development of annual and multi-year plans.  

Resource Development

·       Work to successfully leverage additional financial investment from other resources that do not compete with the arts sector. 

·       Ensure that our fund distribution is more equitable in reaching artists and arts organizations, especially those in under-<s> </s>resourced and rural Maine communities.  

·       Work closely with the philanthropic sector to raise awareness and increase support of Maine artists and arts organizations.  

·       Work with the Legislature to secure an increased arts appropriation for our operations, grants, and investment in infrastructure. 

Commission Relations:  

·       Work in close communication with Commission Chair. 

·       Analyze and develop effective communications with Commission, including timely delivery of meeting information and materials. 

·       Develop appropriate background information for Commission evaluation and action. Assist Committee Chairs with development of Committee meetings and resource materials as appropriate.  

Program Development:  

·       Analyze and develop, modify, or eliminate agency programs and services in alignment with strategic plan implementation to foster community cultural development. 

·       Ensure that the development of programs is inclusive, done in collaboration with the staff, the Commission, the field, and any other relevant partners. 

Human Resources Administration:  

·       Provide positive work environment for staff and volunteers. 

·       Work with staff to set goals and advocate for agency’s human resources needs to achieve agency’s goals and objectives in an effective and efficient manner. 

·       Analyze alignment of staffing with strategic plan’s measurable objectives and service delivery benchmarks.  

·       Conduct annual reviews of the staff, including review of job descriptions and staff responsibilities.  

·       Monitor compliance with state and federal human resource law, regulations, and procedures; monitor staff performance, including performance appraisals.  

Important Abilities: 

·       Knowledge of the principles and practices of federal, state, and local governmental entities, as well as state and federal legislative processes. 

·       Knowledge of the principles and practices of nonprofit organizations, governance, fiscal operations, and management. 

·       Knowledge of DEIA processes and the ability to implement DEIA practices across all commission activities.  

·       Ability to develop and analyze fiscal reports and budgets. 

·       Willingness to recognize diverse cultural and political points of view and communicate constructively to achieve positive outcomes for the sector.  

·       Inspire new ideas, approaches, and methods while striving to adapt to situational demands, overcome obstacles. 

·       Ability to collaborate within the agency and across the arts sector to bring people together.  

·       Ability to make sound and thorough decisions by analyzing various aspects of a situation, gathering input, and evaluating the potential impact or consequences of decisions.    

·       Appreciate innovation and envision concepts or ideas that advance the organization’s mission and its services.  

·       Partner with stakeholders to attain visionary goals, and creatively engage constituents to achieve common goals.  

·       Ability to conceptualize, develop, and evaluate innovative ways to deliver programs and services to the citizens of Maine. 

·       Have excellent written, verbal, and public speaking skills. 

Minimum Qualifications: 

A minimum of ten (10) years of progressive senior management experience in a government agency, nonprofit organization, university, or creative industry setting is necessary. Three (3) years of this experience must have involved one or more of the following: supervision of other employees, overseeing and coordinating general operations of a unit, applying rules and regulations, or exercising responsibility for the development of policies or procedures.  


No matter where you work across Maine state government, you find employees who embody our state motto—"Dirigo" or "I lead"—as they provide essential services to Mainers every day. We believe in supporting our workforce's health and wellbeing with a valuable total compensation package, including: 

  • Work-Life Balance – Rest is essential. Take time for yourself using 13 paid holidays12 days of sick leave, and 3+ weeks of vacation leave annually. Vacation leave accrual increases with years of service, and overtime-exempt employees receive personal leave. 
  • Health Insurance Coverage – The State of Maine pays 85%-100% of employee-only premiums ($10,150.80-$11,942.16 annual value), depending on salary. Use this chart to find the premium costs for you and your family, including the percentage of dependent coverage paid by the State.  
  • Health Insurance Premium Credit – Participation decreases employee-only premiums by 5%. Visit the Office of Employee Health and Wellness for more information about program requirements
  • Dental Insurance – The State of Maine pays 100% of employee-only dental premiums ($350.40 annual value). 
  • Retirement Plan – The State of Maine contributes 17.96% of pay to the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MainePERS), on behalf of the employee.  
  • Gym Membership Reimbursement – Improve overall health with regular exercise and receive up to $40 per month to offset this expense. 
  • Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts – Set aside money pre-tax to help pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses and/or daycare expenses. 
  • Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness – The State of Maine is a qualified employer for this federal program. For more information, visit the Federal Student Aid office
  • Living Resources Program – Navigate challenging work and life situations with our employee assistance program. 
  • Parental leave is one of the most important benefits for any working parent. All employees who are welcoming a child—including fathers and adoptive parents—receive four weeks of fully paid parental leave. Additional, unpaid leave may also be available, under the Family and Medical Leave Act.  
  • Voluntary Deferred Compensation – Save additional pre-tax funds for retirement in a MaineSaves 457(b) account through payroll deductions. 
  • Learn about additional wellness benefits for State employees from the Office of Employee Health and Wellness

There's a job and then there's purposeful, transformative work. Our aim is to create a workplace where you can learn, grow, and continuously refine your skills. Applicants demonstrate job requirements in differing ways, and we appreciate that many skills and backgrounds can make people successful in this role. As an Equal Opportunity employer, Maine State Government embraces a culture of respect and awareness. We are committed to creating a strong sense of belonging for all team members, and our process ensures an inclusive environment to applicants of all backgrounds including diverse race, color, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity, physical or mental disability, religion, age, ancestry, national origin, familial status, or genetics. If you’re looking for a great next step, and want to feel good about what you do, we’d love to hear from you. Please note reasonable accommodations are provided to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.

Thinking about applying?

Research shows that people from historically excluded communities tend to apply to jobs only when they check every box in the posting. If you’re currently reading this and hesitating to apply for that reason, we encourage you to go for it! Let us know how your lived experience and passion set you apart.

Apply by: January. 8, 2024 




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