devolve at 3S Artspace, Portsmouth, NH

  • October 25, 2019


Free and open to the public.
Art' Round Town Artwalk on November 1. 5-8pm.


solo exhibition, Andy Mauery

"devolve is my ode to the non-human species that we can’t seem to stop ourselves from destroying; and a sideways look at how we humans keep ourselves at the center of this equation. To devolve is to pass on rights, responsibilities, and/or powers, from one person or entity to another. As a verb, it also suggests degeneration, possibly an entropic unmaking...I focus mainly on species endangered in New England, or have some type of protected or rare status recognized by government entities.  devolve is a curation of personal concerns, visual representations that explore protection and loss. There are attempts at logical rationale, allusions to longhaired princesses in towers, and it all has the feeling of being generated from a singular, redheaded point of view."--Andy Mauery



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Andy Mauery

40 Oak Grove St
Veazie  ME  04401