Opportunities FAQ

Opportunities Directory FAQ

This FAQ answers common questions related to the Maine Arts Commission Opportunities Directory.

The Opportunity Section helps Maine’s artists, arts organizations and arts educators in to find available arts-related opportunities. These opportunities may include competitions, residencies, exhibitions, grants, employment and more. Maine Arts Commission staff and the public post to this directory daily; therefore, it is important to check often for new listings.

All arts and cultural opportunities worldwide are eligible for listing in the opportunities directory.

You must have an account on MaineArts.com to post an opportunity. If you do not, it only takes a few minutes to create one.

To add an arts opportunity, log in to your existing MaineArts.com user account and select the opportunity tab, and then click the “Add Opportunity” button. You will need to enter all of the required information. Please note that there is a time saving “Use My Account Information” check box that will fill in your details from your account. Please make sure those details are suitable for the opportunity that you are submitting.

After you click the blue “Post” button at the bottom of the page, you will be brought to the Disciplines Page where you can select up to four disciplines that would be most interested in your opportunity. Finally, click the blue “Update” button to submit your opportunity.

Maine Arts Commission staff must review and approve all listings before they can appear on MaineArts.com. Please allow up to 48 hours for this process.

Log in to your existing MaineArts.com user account select the "Opportunities" tab and then toggle between the two tabs labeled “Approved” and “Pending.”

Log into your existing MaineArts.com user account, select the "Opportunities” tab, and then select which listing you would like to edit. You will find them under either the “Approved” if already approved, or “Pending” if not. Select the opportunity you wish to edit by clicking on the link under the heading “Title” and make changes before clicking "Submit" to finish the process.

You can gain access to the Opportunity Section from any page of MaineArts.com by using the “Media Outreach” drop down menu, and then selecting Opportunities.

Opportunities can be accessed by clicking each opportunity headline; these have underlined blue links.

You can search for opportunities by county, date or keyword by using the various options available under the “Search” section. This is housed on the left hand side of the Opportunities Page.

Once you have conducted your chosen search you are able to create a favorites folder by clicking the “Add to my favorites” tab beneath the listings of your choice. You can access these favorites at any time by clicking the “View my favorites” tab that appears top right above the search results. Once in your favorites folder you can use the blue tabs to email, print or delete your selected favorites.

All opportunities are displayed according to the start date supplied at time of listing and are automatically removed from the directory system once the deadline for the opportunity has passed. Opportunities without deadlines will be posted for six months.

For more information or assistance, please contact the Maine Arts Commission office at 207/287-2724 or MaineArts.info@maine.gov.